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~Because It deeply hurts inside~

I am trying to escape or to keep the distance from them because I do know that the closer I am to them, the more I hurt myself.

That’s the reason I don’t offer them home stay, that’s the reason you may not see me in any event related to them except one interview with their leader. The interview that is a kind of building a connection for myself, simply say M broadening myself the opportunity.

Have already kept the distance, yet M still feel deeply hurt inside to be in the closing ceremony this evening.

That’s because I love it so much, love so much that I just can’t let it go.

It’s hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen.

But it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.

Wounded emotion and broken heart, yet the spirit is still alive.

Be an audience today, but I will be on the stage some day.

#SSEAYP I’ll make you mine!!!

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~Interview with BIG Boss~

Interview with BIG Boss

40 mins goes fast

Thanks for all supporting and recommending Supervisor(s)

“I already do best my part, another 50% is you yourself needs to impress him,” said supervisor

There is always him guide my ways.


Life is all about Process and Progress.

It’s quite competitive, Let’s say YES to challenges

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Dear Motivator

Dear Motivator,

So far in life, there are two young ladies whom I get inspired and respect them in different perspectives.

One is Bong Hun Pen inspires me to engage myself more in promoting, protecting, and preserving Cambodian culture, while another one is Bong Hav Monirath inspires me to engage more in social development as a youth through volunteering.

‘We will never know how one kind act or one word of encouragement could change your perception.’

Thanks for coming across my young journalist life 🙂

Come to now, M seeking for my motivator as a young female journalist(I haven’t found one so far.. Those young female journalists just don’t make me feel touch enough :P), If I couldn’t find one, I will sharpen myself to be a motivator/role model for others 😀 😀