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~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person~

~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person

A Secret Scene  I Think I Never Tell Anyone~

September 22

Dear Diary,

I, actually, never think I wanna share this “Secret Scene” with anyone. Sometimes I wonder If I should. I wonder if it could ruin the fame of so-called happy me today. I wonder if those who know me could be shock reading this.

Dear Diary,

Looking back to the past 8 years, when I was in high school in grade 12.

(To be continued 😀 )

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~It’s been years…. Cuz life~

It’s been years I haven’t checked in where I go to.

It’s been years I don’t tell people that I go this and go there, I do this and do that.

It’s been years I’ve been living this life this secret.

…. Cuz life doesn’t have to be public all the time.

…Cuz life does need its secret and personal space.

#BornThisWay #LiveThisLife

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Cold War is over

Have been waiting for almost 4 weeks, the article gets printed after all.

Cold war is over now. No one is completely right or wrong. Both sides made mistakes, miscommunication, unapproachable. If M wrong, M sorry.

Feel like it’s the last piece of my article to get published at LIFT after a year being a freelance staff there.

Thanks all sources and interviewees for coming across to fulfill my young journalism path 🙂

I did get motivated and learned from your inspirational stories.

Thanks readers that have gone through my article– read, learn, and share.

Thanks editors for your help and assisting so far 🙂

M glad to be a part of LIFT as well as under the wing of the Phnom Penh Post and the Post Media. I have learned; worked; and earned credit, connection, network, and money.

Last article of mine, May be
Last article of mine, May be
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~Thrill and Chill Night~

Who knows, this 3 young ladies dare to go to Angkor Wat Temple at the night time 10 pm.

It was when we afraid both  people and the spirit, yet we still move on our journey, our adventure, and our destination.

It was when the very long way, yet there was only us (3 of us and a tuk tuk driver) go there.

It was when there were only several fire fly accompany us on that quiet and long road.

It was when we feel scary and risky, yet we just want to go beyond the comfort zone and to experience the real adventure.

Yeah, it was really a “Thrill and Chill Night” and I think it is the most beautiful moment of this trip 😀 that we will never ever forget 😀 😀

We just wanna know what goes on with the temple at the night time 😀

We born this way “Adventure Explorer”

These Girls
These Girls

PS: We back safe and sound, anyway. Don’t worry  😛 😛 😛 Thanks for reading, Hope you love it ❤ ❤ ❤

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~Personal Space is Needed~

Well, I actually like Freelance Job so much because I can work from home. Of course, I enjoy my time staying home with my mom and siblings.

Yeah! Freelance work has been known as Flexible working hour. But it turns to be terrible when I stay at home, yet I have to spend my whole day just to sit in front of computer and work on my freelance task. That’s not fun at all -_-

It’s even worse when that Flexible hour means every seconds for working.

I experience it now  T_T

Last month, I worked on experience abroad about a young lady who is living in the USA. Because time zone in Cambodia is different from the USA around 12 hours, the time I get up is the time she goes to sleep. And that if I dropped her a message, I need to wait for other 12 hours for her response. I remember that at that time I was about to sleep at 12 mid-night. Before going to sleep (it alr late actually), I dropped her message asking for photos, I think she has forgotten sending it to me. I almost fall asleep, suddenly I heard a message came. I checked it, she said she alr sent to me.

That’s so stupid, that her photos go to spam which doesn’t appear  on my phone. To make it clear, I got up, checked email from my computer. It totally kept me awake the whole night… -_-

These few days, M working on writing feature story about Christmas with my fri Daly. The article features on comparing the celebration of Christmas by Cambodians and foreigners, so we are required to talk to some foreigners. Time zone is still a difficulty.

That’s when I really feel ‘Flexible Hour’ means ‘Every Seconds for Working.’

I interview them via Facebook– Chatting. Whenever they reply me, I need to respond back very quickly. Else, I might have to wait until 2mrw. I keep chatting even when I was eating rice or was doing my personal tasks.

Probably, because there are too many flexible hour tasks–workings, interning, doing school projects, Peace camp project– come at the same time, that’s why I feel all of my time isn’t belong to me lately.

And that I think I really NEED personal space 😥