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~Victim Me~

From academic to professionalism, he is really good at convincing, cheating, and taking others for granted.
I find no ways to challenge him.
When someone steals all my beautiful credit.

From A Stolen Article to A Stolen credit, can’t it be just a happy ending for me?

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Cold War is over

Have been waiting for almost 4 weeks, the article gets printed after all.

Cold war is over now. No one is completely right or wrong. Both sides made mistakes, miscommunication, unapproachable. If M wrong, M sorry.

Feel like it’s the last piece of my article to get published at LIFT after a year being a freelance staff there.

Thanks all sources and interviewees for coming across to fulfill my young journalism path 🙂

I did get motivated and learned from your inspirational stories.

Thanks readers that have gone through my article– read, learn, and share.

Thanks editors for your help and assisting so far 🙂

M glad to be a part of LIFT as well as under the wing of the Phnom Penh Post and the Post Media. I have learned; worked; and earned credit, connection, network, and money.

Last article of mine, May be
Last article of mine, May be