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~On and Off Person~

On and Off Person

Sent a text to inform my friends that we can catch up in the evening. Some hours later, I texted to them again saying I can’t join the dinner.

Not having to mention that some meetings was intentionally cancelled in the last minuet as M lazy. Sometimes, although my weekend was booked in advance, yet If I get no a new confirmation about the appointment by Friday night, then the schedules are automatically cleared.

Oh life… Partly, It’s because I work as a journalist with a fluctuated schedule, I can’t deny this. Another half is my personality, can’t deny this too 😀


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~Mother of ISIS~

“Everyone is still hurt that you would leave us all and put yourself at risk while we guess every day whether you’re alright or not. It makes it very, very difficult as a Mom to watch all her children go through the heartache as well as my own…The thought of never seeing you again or holding you again, has broken my heart in pieces. I guess you’ll never understand because you’ll never be a mother,” said A Mother of ISIS

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~Things Get Better~

Being a journalist, I’ve been stressed a lot.

So often, I need a short break going to province to kill my stress and to feel the nature.

Having a proper weekend can’t really help healing the tone of stresses we have encountered on weekday.

But lately, M quite productive, get articles done earlier, work quite well on translation… more and more…

Things get better? M get used to the stress? or M work smarter? or M work harder? lol