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~5W 1H about Khmer Harp~

5W 1H about Khmer Harp

Khmer Harp (Khmer Pin) is one of Cambodian musical instruments, which is performed in traditional and classical music of Cambodia. Khmer harp has been newly reintroduced within these two years after being disappeared for centuries without a certain reason.

What: What is harp? The harp is a stringed musical instrument which is curved like a boat with a long neck and has a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard. The more stings, the more beautiful sound it is. Its strings are made from silk starting from 6, 8, 13, 16, or 22 strings, while its soundboard is made from animal hides—the skin of snake, goat, or cow. The golden head of harp is decorated into different sharps—the head of dragon, garuda, swan, or lion­— which are the representatives of powerful creatures. Its body is made by native wood that could help producing loud and attractive sound. Khmer harp can be in any colors, and it costs from 400$ up.

Why: Why harp?

Harp is made in a creative, flexible, and beautiful feature. It functions so many roles. It can play alone or with other instruments both traditional and international. Some people believe harp could bring them luck besides the good look.

Where and When? Harp can be placed anywhere and played anytime. Harp is seen in almost every single performance and orchestra including Pinpeat, Mohory, and Opera except in the funeral. The harp can play in any national and international events and festivals.

Who: Who is a harp player?

Anyone can play harp, yet for those who born with talent may need only 6 months. And for those who born with no talent need double or even triple times comparing to those talented people, which means they need one to two years to be able to play harp. Until now, there are only around 10 harp players; the first harp player is Snguon Kavei Sereyroth, 14-year-old, a daughter of harp creator Keo SonanKavei.

How: How Khmer Harp has been revived?

Although this ancient musical instrument is lost for centuries, its image remained and recorded on the sculpture of Cambodian temples—Angkor Wat and Bayon. According to the temple walls, Khmer harp was first existed since 7th century, was disappeared after 12th century, and was newly revived in 2012 by senior Cambodian musicians Keo SonanKavei and Him Sophy together with a French ethnomusicologist Patrick Kersalé. Resulting from the image on temple wall, this long-lost sound has been finally brought to reality after being reinstalled again and again. However, nobody is sure how to play this stringed instrument or what it should sound like as it went unheard for centuries.

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Khmer Harp, it costs 400$
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«A Cup of Love Confession»

«A Cup of Love Confession»


“This is the 99th coffee I’ve made for you.
From the second cup on, I’ve given extra care to the coffee I make for you. I have been paying you special attention. Just you didn’t realize it.

I was a new hand at making coffee. Your encouragement helped boost my self-confidence. From then on, I put my heart to making good coffee for you whenever you came. But you were always busy and didn’t have time for a chat with me. Still, It seems through the coffee.

I could share your busy days, alleviate your tiredness, and feel your happiness or unhappiness. You’d start the day or revise your studies with a cup of #HotCoffeeMint. You’d have mocha after work and when having a chat with your friends.

I don’t know if it’s your habit or it has become mine. Sometimes I really can’t tell. Your favorite coffee is now become mine too. I also read your favorite book while sipping your favorite coffee.

I’ve made every cup of coffee for you with special care. But you were mostly drinking in hurry. You’d just gulp it down without appreciating the patterns. But it’s alright.

The coffee allowed me to share your workload and happy moments with friends. I felt like I’d become your friend.

We started out through a wrong order, but I often imagine we may have a happy ending. It’s just an imagination. It won’t come true so easily. So I gave myself a deadline. That’s when I made you the 99th coffee. I told myself, when I made you the 99th cup of coffee, if I failed to declare my feelings, I’d give up.

I’m not asking for any specific response. I just wanted to express my feelings. I am used to doing whatever I want, for I may not have the time later and I will regret it.” ~ Triumph in the Skies II


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~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person~

~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person

A Secret Scene  I Think I Never Tell Anyone~

September 22

Dear Diary,

I, actually, never think I wanna share this “Secret Scene” with anyone. Sometimes I wonder If I should. I wonder if it could ruin the fame of so-called happy me today. I wonder if those who know me could be shock reading this.

Dear Diary,

Looking back to the past 8 years, when I was in high school in grade 12.

(To be continued 😀 )

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~You might earn to be rich, I don’t~

“I Learn to Give not because I have much but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing” ~ Unknown


You might want to be rich coz you hate being poor…

You might want to earn more so that you can buy an expensive brand clothes and bag, luxury car and modern house, latest smart phone (I-phone 6, 6s, or plus)…

You might want to get higher education, so that you can get higher well-paid job…

You might want to get higher position so that people respect you…

You might want to travel to enjoy the moment…


M trying to be rich coz when M rich i can help more people!

M trying to earn more so that I can spend more

for those  who need help!

M trying to get higher education so that I can

effectively educate other people!

M trying to get high position at a big place

so that I can bring bigger impacts!

M trying to travel to see what I can bring back to my country!