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~A Letter to Mr.~

Dear Mr.,

It’s completely fun and sursprise how you’re introduced into my life, how I get to know exactly who you’re even before we meet in person, how I stop challenging myself and stop stepping into any relationship but ‘you,’ how people keep saying how good you are and how good you gotta treat me in the future, how my life could reach its maximize being with you, how I choose no longer dating anyone else but ‘you,’ how I’ve currently been so passive in love coz I know you soon will come to me….

(To be continued due to a busy schedule lately lol)

Dear Mr.,

Now I know you’re White, your height is around 1.75 meters, and your hair is a little curly (not sure about ur hair color) 😀


Dear Mr.,

I do know that if M not gotta flight to see you or you flight to see me here. Let’s fade decide.

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~Parallel Lines~

He and I are like the Parallel Lines. There have no a crossing line between us, really. So sad -.-

#HighQualityCrush #មនុស្សភពផ្កាយ

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~No Title~

Crushing on someone for 5 years is completely fine because within these years, I’ve always moving on, I’ve always living my life despite the fact that my feeling was somehow trying to reach him, despite the fact that everything about him is written in my blog, despite the fact that there is always a piece of him in mine.


I feel like he is no longer there, I feel like my feeling is no longer trying to reach him.

This 5-year-crush is completely over NOW. M really ready to move on.

#HighQualityCrush #LoveStroy #BrokenHeart #StupidHeart

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It’s Been a Year, Crush!

Dear Crush,

Do you realize that today last year we were sitting next to each other, having hours talk, while watching the performance?

Do you realize that today last year was when we start talking via phone, chatting via line, and texting?

Do you realize that today last year was when you re-stole my attention #Re-crush ?



I wish I hadn’t met you last year, so that I wouldn’t fall on you again.

All the times I see you, all the times I hear your voice, I just fall over you again and again.