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«A Cup of Love Confession»

«A Cup of Love Confession»


“This is the 99th coffee I’ve made for you.
From the second cup on, I’ve given extra care to the coffee I make for you. I have been paying you special attention. Just you didn’t realize it.

I was a new hand at making coffee. Your encouragement helped boost my self-confidence. From then on, I put my heart to making good coffee for you whenever you came. But you were always busy and didn’t have time for a chat with me. Still, It seems through the coffee.

I could share your busy days, alleviate your tiredness, and feel your happiness or unhappiness. You’d start the day or revise your studies with a cup of #HotCoffeeMint. You’d have mocha after work and when having a chat with your friends.

I don’t know if it’s your habit or it has become mine. Sometimes I really can’t tell. Your favorite coffee is now become mine too. I also read your favorite book while sipping your favorite coffee.

I’ve made every cup of coffee for you with special care. But you were mostly drinking in hurry. You’d just gulp it down without appreciating the patterns. But it’s alright.

The coffee allowed me to share your workload and happy moments with friends. I felt like I’d become your friend.

We started out through a wrong order, but I often imagine we may have a happy ending. It’s just an imagination. It won’t come true so easily. So I gave myself a deadline. That’s when I made you the 99th coffee. I told myself, when I made you the 99th cup of coffee, if I failed to declare my feelings, I’d give up.

I’m not asking for any specific response. I just wanted to express my feelings. I am used to doing whatever I want, for I may not have the time later and I will regret it.” ~ Triumph in the Skies II


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~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person~

~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person

A Secret Scene  I Think I Never Tell Anyone~

September 22

Dear Diary,

I, actually, never think I wanna share this “Secret Scene” with anyone. Sometimes I wonder If I should. I wonder if it could ruin the fame of so-called happy me today. I wonder if those who know me could be shock reading this.

Dear Diary,

Looking back to the past 8 years, when I was in high school in grade 12.

(To be continued 😀 )

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~When Bestest Plan the Trip~

Me: Are u going out of town sometimes? Bring me along!

Him: Let’s go to Laos and Vietnam! End this month?

Me: Are you sure?

Him: If all of you okay, M okay.

Me: If my salary comes on time, M fine too.

Him: November I might be busy.

Me: September would be great, I think.

Him: September not ok, but October ok.

Me: I’m fine anyway, I can leave any times.

Him: And August is the best.

Me: End August sounds good too. What’s about the flight?

(offline for some minutes)

Him: Hey, Flight is cheap. BKK – Phuket

Me: Let’s go.

Me: If there is a chance to pay Myanmar a short visit, it’s good too.

Him: Let’s me check the flight to Myanmar. Return 80$, I think we can go to Myanmar by plane and Phuket by bus. It saves a lot.

Me: Wahaha… You have my passport. Right? Then let’s book the ticket.

Him: I just want to get Myanmar immigration stamp on my passport.

Me: So do I, I just wanna step my footprint on Myanmar Land.

Me: Let’s pay a short visit then.

August 22, 2016: Trip ! We finally makes our Wishlist crossed out  😀 End Story!!!!


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  • August 13, 2016: Bkk – Phuket Return Tickets Booked
  • August 14, 2016: Bkk – Yangon Return Tickets Booked
  • August 22-30, 2016: Trip!!!

PS: We’re currently planning a trip to Hong Kong, it might come on April/May 2017 🙂

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~Stress Thrives Inside Me~

There is stress thrives inside me:

July was a productive month for me, my work went smoothly and I earn quite a lot.

But on early August, things seem not worked smooth as it did in July. It started that day, the day I got a quite big scoop from the opposition leader’s responded to my email in the late evening while I was about to finish the other article (I actually didn’t expect his reply at all, so I just went straight writing other article instead). Therefore, I ended up finished two articles a day. I have never done that before because I know working too hard was not good and it only brought me stress, it did now. I finished doing my two translations late at night, I was too exhausted.

After that day on, my productivity remained so slow that make me realized that I’m stress.

I no longer bare staying in town. I chatted to my friend asking him to bring me a long if he  gets any trip, so we finally decided to move the end-year planned trip to end August.

The trip happened, we went to Phuket, Thailand and Myanmar for a week. The trip was a remarkable enjoyable and fun, as always, with them. The stress escaped from me for awhile while M on my trip. But it does come back when I’m back to town and to work.

I know stress is hard to deal with, that’s why I don’t work on weekend, and that’s why I don’t force myself too hard to work…

Stress: the feeling that some part of ur body get hurt, the feeling that we’re too exhausted though we didn’t do anything, the feeling that you are too tired but you just can’t fall asleep well at night, the feeling that you don’t wanna do anything, the feeling that when you get up in the morning and you don’t want to go to work, the feeling that any types of entertainment don’t work …

Stress or Depression, Pls Don’t. I do need a serious breakup with you…</3