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~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person~

~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person

A Secret Scene  I Think I Never Tell Anyone~

September 22

Dear Diary,

I, actually, never think I wanna share this “Secret Scene” with anyone. Sometimes I wonder If I should. I wonder if it could ruin the fame of so-called happy me today. I wonder if those who know me could be shock reading this.

Dear Diary,

Looking back to the past 8 years, when I was in high school in grade 12.

(To be continued 😀 )

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~When Bestest Plan the Trip~

Me: Are u going out of town sometimes? Bring me along!

Him: Let’s go to Laos and Vietnam! End this month?

Me: Are you sure?

Him: If all of you okay, M okay.

Me: If my salary comes on time, M fine too.

Him: November I might be busy.

Me: September would be great, I think.

Him: September not ok, but October ok.

Me: I’m fine anyway, I can leave any times.

Him: And August is the best.

Me: End August sounds good too. What’s about the flight?

(offline for some minutes)

Him: Hey, Flight is cheap. BKK – Phuket

Me: Let’s go.

Me: If there is a chance to pay Myanmar a short visit, it’s good too.

Him: Let’s me check the flight to Myanmar. Return 80$, I think we can go to Myanmar by plane and Phuket by bus. It saves a lot.

Me: Wahaha… You have my passport. Right? Then let’s book the ticket.

Him: I just want to get Myanmar immigration stamp on my passport.

Me: So do I, I just wanna step my footprint on Myanmar Land.

Me: Let’s pay a short visit then.

August 22, 2016: Trip ! We finally makes our Wishlist crossed out  😀 End Story!!!!


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  • August 13, 2016: Bkk – Phuket Return Tickets Booked
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  • August 22-30, 2016: Trip!!!

PS: We’re currently planning a trip to Hong Kong, it might come on April/May 2017 🙂

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~On and Off Person~

On and Off Person

Sent a text to inform my friends that we can catch up in the evening. Some hours later, I texted to them again saying I can’t join the dinner.

Not having to mention that some meetings was intentionally cancelled in the last minuet as M lazy. Sometimes, although my weekend was booked in advance, yet If I get no a new confirmation about the appointment by Friday night, then the schedules are automatically cleared.

Oh life… Partly, It’s because I work as a journalist with a fluctuated schedule, I can’t deny this. Another half is my personality, can’t deny this too 😀


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~Things Get Better~

Being a journalist, I’ve been stressed a lot.

So often, I need a short break going to province to kill my stress and to feel the nature.

Having a proper weekend can’t really help healing the tone of stresses we have encountered on weekday.

But lately, M quite productive, get articles done earlier, work quite well on translation… more and more…

Things get better? M get used to the stress? or M work smarter? or M work harder? lol