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~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person~

~Life Dragged Me Down, I Fight Against Like a Drowning Person

A Secret Scene  I Think I Never Tell Anyone~

September 22

Dear Diary,

I, actually, never think I wanna share this “Secret Scene” with anyone. Sometimes I wonder If I should. I wonder if it could ruin the fame of so-called happy me today. I wonder if those who know me could be shock reading this.

Dear Diary,

Looking back to the past 8 years, when I was in high school in grade 12.

(To be continued 😀 )

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~When Bestest Plan the Trip~

Me: Are u going out of town sometimes? Bring me along!

Him: Let’s go to Laos and Vietnam! End this month?

Me: Are you sure?

Him: If all of you okay, M okay.

Me: If my salary comes on time, M fine too.

Him: November I might be busy.

Me: September would be great, I think.

Him: September not ok, but October ok.

Me: I’m fine anyway, I can leave any times.

Him: And August is the best.

Me: End August sounds good too. What’s about the flight?

(offline for some minutes)

Him: Hey, Flight is cheap. BKK – Phuket

Me: Let’s go.

Me: If there is a chance to pay Myanmar a short visit, it’s good too.

Him: Let’s me check the flight to Myanmar. Return 80$, I think we can go to Myanmar by plane and Phuket by bus. It saves a lot.

Me: Wahaha… You have my passport. Right? Then let’s book the ticket.

Him: I just want to get Myanmar immigration stamp on my passport.

Me: So do I, I just wanna step my footprint on Myanmar Land.

Me: Let’s pay a short visit then.

August 22, 2016: Trip ! We finally makes our Wishlist crossed out  😀 End Story!!!!


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  • August 22-30, 2016: Trip!!!

PS: We’re currently planning a trip to Hong Kong, it might come on April/May 2017 🙂

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~Date a Man~

Have always wondered if what type of man I want to date: either he is a stable person– have a proper office job, I know exactly where he is… Or the one who is On and Off just like me– like traveling, enjoy the journey, and dare to take risks… etc

Yet, it surprises me when I suddenly  found the answer whom I attracts to. Well, I, actually, prefer the one who is On and Off just like me rather than the stable one.

And to be honest, I find the man who likes adventure and on&off is handsome not the one with office uniform.

Probably, I think being with a stable man would be quite boring -.-



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~A Week after the Brace~

The first day of the brace was like going to the hell, I can’t talk or eat properly…. All the the teethes get hurt -_- And I don’t get used to it.

But a week later (several days), thing gets better. It doesn’t really hurt me or probable I somehow get used to it. I, now, can go out with my friends and go back to my work despite that fact that I have to accept that M on the brace now. It becomes real, the braced teeth.

Well, It’s good to do something good for the better me 🙂 Cheers!