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កំណត់ហេតុឋានសួគ៌/Dear Daddy

21st June 2015: Father’s Day


It’s been a year daddy, I really really miss you.

I don’t know what does it mean by ‘you leave us.’

Mom said you are safe now, in a beautiful place called heaven.

I started my primary school now. It’s nearby our house.

I enjoy going to school so much.

Daddy, Can you see me?

I miss you daddy.


It’s been 3 year, daddy.

Mom keeps telling me I am your favorite daughter.

And I feel good to know that.

I’m in grade 3 now, and I can even in top 3 list.

Each month, I bring home an outstanding student award.


It’s been 4 years daddy.

I’ve started my first English class now.

Mom made me an earring saying you’ve kept that money with her to do that for me. And I love it so much.

I get into top 2 this year, and I am an outstanding in math subject.

I learn how to ride bicycle this year. My first time riding it, I hit a dog.


It’s been 6 years daddy.

I am in grade 6 now.

My teacher is a good friend of you, she does take care me.

This year, I’ve got number 1 in the class as I always wish for.

I hope you’d proud of me.

I don’t need to sleep with the light on anymore.

I grow up now.

And I start to understand what it means by ‘you leave us.’

I try not to cry daddy, but it still hurts.

I really miss you daddy.

Can you see me?


It’s been 7 years daddy.

I started high school.

I started thinking about colleges.

Do you think i should be a doctor, an accountant, or a teacher like you?

I know you will be with me when I walk down the aisle.

I can ride a motor now, daddy. I remember when u drive me home with your motor. I miss the time u bring me along to ur school.

I try not to be sad, daddy. But it hurts.

I hope you know you are my hero.

I love you so much.

Can you see me?


It’s been 10 years daddy.

I officially started my high school.

I’m in an outstanding class, it’s so challenging.


It’s been 12 years daddy.

Sorry daddy, though auntie has kept that 10000$ for me for a doctor class, I decided not to take it at all. 8 years studying doctor class is too long, M afraid our family can’t fully afford it, and we have other two sisters also needs money to support her study. Plus, I don’t think M smart enough for this investment. I know mom and aunt somehow disappointed with me.

I’ve started my university life with a two scholarships majoring in Public Administration and Japanese Law.

Starting a new language is so hard for me.

I wanted to be a high excellency women. And this is a good start.

My college friend keeps talking about their dad, and it makes me miss you even more.

Our new house’s construction is done now. We’re now living in the new house.

I really miss you daddy.


It’s been 13 years daddy.

I decided to start another degree majoring in English.

I am a class-monitor, and it’s so tough in that position.

M glad I get a chance to play in a leading role.

But I am tiring sometimes.

I start writing blog/e-dairy now, hope you pass by and could see my post someday.


It’s been 16 years daddy.

I am now holding 3 degrees at the same time.

It’s so challenging, but I am fine.

I know I can make it.

Brother brings a dog and her 7 puppies home, they all are so cute.

The cats and the dogs can live together, actually, but in the different zones.

Grandma passed away in an age of 85 😦 Such a big lost. We miss her so bad.

Since grandma gone, it hardly maintain our relationship between mom and aunty.

I feel like, unlike before, we eventually tend to break up 😦

Sorry daddy, we can’t manage to maintain this relation.

However, there are so many changes now, mom often goes out with us.

We’ve just bought a new car.


It’s been 17 years daddy.

I’ve done some volunteer jobs and community services.

M glad I can help people around.

I’ve officially graduated from two degrees.

And I no longer focus more on academic study as before.

I somehow take my third degree for granted.

We’ve bought mom a cake on mother’s day this year. We grow up now.


It’s been 18 years daddy.

I’ve got my first step to abroad this year–Indonesia, Laos, and Thailand.

I’ve kept asking myself which career I should choose.

And I found it now, Journalist.

I know it’s risky, tough, and challenging, but I truly love it.

I know you will take a good care of me.


It’s been 19 years daddy.

Dear Daddy, I’ve just realized that I don’t even have a single photo of mine with you, that’s so sad.

I start officially working as a journalist in an international organization now.

I know you’ve always protected me.

I hope you’d proud of me.

Recently, we often brings mom out– hang out, watch movie…

Mom could adapt well with technology devices, I just can’t compare to her.


I’ve been to Japan this year, daddy. I see snow, and M feel so excited.

Do you know that the snow is very beautiful, daddy?

We prepare mom an abroad trip to Thailand this year, she likes it.

All of our family members hold their own passport now, so good.


It’s been 21 years, Daddy.

Travel as a backpack, lost passport yet found myself



Big conflict and create the new team

Couldn’t take care of my eyes

Driving car and swimming

Daddy, all the time I look at the blue sky, M wondering if you could see me from the heaven. I miss you daddy. It’s been completely 18 years you stay apart, life goes on through sadness and happiness. I am moving on to where I’m belong to, daddy.

People say the daughter is never too old to cry on her daddy’s shoulder. Yet, I don’t even have one to cry on. So sad.


Your Beloved Daughter


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~The Very Real Happiness~

Not having born in a wealthy family neither nor having father since a very young age becomes no longer a problem when I have a very warm hearted mother who exclusively support and wholeheartedly understand about me.

No matter how the world ignores me, she is the one who is always by my side.

What else do I need?

PS: At Home, Mom treats me like a diamond. M Bless having born in this family.

When I was NOT born yet.
When I was NOT born yet.
Big Family of Mine
A Big Family of Mine